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6 tips that will help you give up smoking

Quit smoking Oh yes… the number one challenge after new years… Do you want a little support in getting it done this time? How happy would you be, no longer longing for one of those burning sticks? Check out these 6 tips to make it a little easier on yourself!

6 tips to help quit smoking Oh yes… the number one challenge after new years… Do you want a little support in getting it done this time? How happy would you be, no longer longing for one of those burning sticks? Check out these 6 tips to make it a little easier on yourself!

1. Tell everyone that you have quit

If you tell everyone you know, that you have quit smoking, you will feel more obligated to stick to it. You will hate to fail and having to deal with everyone individually that it did not work, so that will create a barrier to grab another one. Also, maybe a friend of yours planned on quitting as well and this will be the perfect opportunity to team up in quitting.

2. Brush your teeth when you get a craving

This works for both losing weight and quitting smoking. Whenever you feel the desire coming up, go brush your teeth. The menthol will give you a nice fresh feeling and also it will hold back your appetite. Smoking suppresses hunger and craving for foods, so when you quit, make sure you find things to replace it with. Nothing better then a fresh smile!

3. Have something in your hand

Of course you will try to totally eliminate the moments that you will be around other people who smoke. But sometimes it is just inevitable and you have no choice but to join them. Whenever you have to be around smokers, make sure you have something in your hand to distract you from the familiar feeling of having a cigarette in your hand. A drink works nicely, also you can actually put this to your mouth and take a sip every now and then, something very close to smoking.

4. Meet at no smoking areas

If you have to meet with people, find places where smoking is not allowed. Don’t make it hard on yourself, avoid it! It will seem so easy to „just not do it” while other people around you are doing it… Yes you can do it, you can stand it, but its easier to just avoid it all together.

5. Play break instead of smoke break

Oh most of us don’t just go for the smoke only for the smoke itself. We go to have a little break. Only for that little smoke we allow ourselves to step away from that desk and relax for a few minutes. Well guess what, you can take a different kind of break, don’t worry it is allowed! Hang out at the coffee machine instead of the smoking area. Or if you are by yourself and need distraction.. find yourself one of those quick quick games that you can do within a few minutes, like Bejeweled or Candy Crush .. or Tetris.. for old time’s sake. Anything to keep your mind of that smoke!

6. Just 30 days, eaassyy

It takes approximately 30 days for a new habit to fully get into your system. So basically.. all you have to do to really quit smoking, is convincing yourself to at make it through 30 days. By the time you reach the 30th day, you are going to be pretty much used to it. Done! For now… Then find out how to snooze old triggers to get rid of smoking for ever.

6 tips for being on the go with a baby

Baby on the go Being on the road with a baby can be quite a hassle, especially with what all you have to bring. Want to have a more smooth trip? Check out these 6 tips to make it more enjoyable!

1. Perfect warm milk on the go

This one is a lifesaver… If you don’t breastfeed (anymore) and your baby lives on milk powder and warm water.. als known as baby formula.. you will need to heat the milk to perfect temperature before feeding it to your baby. How do you do that when you are in a parking spot or on the train? Yeah sure, at a restaurant they often have a micro-wave to heat up your babies milk. But what if you don’t have access to one.. or do not want to use one… Well then this is going to be your favorite tip (that is why it is my number one :) )

Bring a thermos of hot water and a bottle of cold water and container(s) with pre measured amounts of baby formula. It is as simple as that.
You mix the hot and cold water in the bottle till the temperature is perfect. Maybe you need to pour some back into the bottle or thermos, go right ahead. When it is done, empty the container into the baby bottle and carefully shake it. Watch it with the shaking, since warm contents builds some pressure and you don’t want to end up spraying milk all around. You could alternatively use a spoon to stir instead of to shake. Happy feeding!

2. Wear your baby

Yes. I said it. WEAR your baby. You are probably used to strolling around with a stroller, wherever you go? If you want to have your hands free and be able to go on the bus or train without any hassle, get yourself a baby sling. That will be your most valuable purchase! Guaranteed. Not only can you get in and out of public transportation easily, you can also walk around stores easily. It gives you privacy if you do breastfeed, you can just keep the sling on and work your shirt up, and done. Also at home, it helps put the baby to sleep. Just walk around with your baby in it for a while, it will doze off instantly.

3. Dress for speed

It is so much easier to have your baby wear some stretchy soft fabrics then to stuff him or her in a jeans outfit. Not only for traveling, but in any situation, stretchy soft is much more comfortable for your little one. But especially when you’re on the go, dress for speedy changing. Soft leggings or pyjama type pants are the best, or tights with feet on them instead of separate socks. Pull them down, swap that diaper, and done! Make your life easy, keep it comfy.

4. Crying or cranky? There is a need…

When your baby starts to cry in public, you get nervous and don’t want to bother other people with your baby’s crying. Yes, usually at home it is easy. Crying? Pop in a bottle or a soother, change a diaper and flop it in bed. So make sure that you are ready for every need your baby can have: food, diaper, sleep, play, warmth. People often forget that kids can get too hot and then start to whine. Feel the back of the neck and if that is sweaty, your kid is dressed too hot. When you have your baby in a sling, it also gets your warmth, so do not dress it too hot in the sling.

5. Plan your breaks, know the restrooms

Oh so obvious, but so important. Think about where you are going and how long it will take to get you there. By the time you have arrived, it might just be feeding time again. Make sure that you know where the nearest restroom is in case of an urgent diaper changing need. If it is a place you have never been, make sure you have Google ready on your phone, you will need it!


6. Bring a dishcloth

The thick cotton of a (preferably used and often washed) dishcloth ensures a good absorption, because that is simply what it is made for! To absorb a lot of water from dishes. Yes a bib is handy, bring that also if you like, but a dishcloth gives you more options. It can be used to create privacy for breast-feeding for instance. It can serve as a shoulder protector for that after feeding burb with milk spilling. If something is knocked over (when you’re dealing with a toddler…) you are prepared. You can use it to sit on. And on top of that it can also be used as a bib. One cloth does it all!

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